How to Shmelt Me:

Simply remove from the packaging or container, break off the desired amount off wax and place in the top of your shmelter. The wax will melt slowly in the dish as it heats up and releases the fragrance. When the tea light has been extinguished or the shmelter has been turned off, the wax will re-harden ready for use next time. Unlike candles, the wax in shmelts will not evaporate.

Shmelts can be reused several times until the fragrance has completely dispersed.

Important Safety Information:

  • Keep Shmelts away from children and pets.
  • Always use within sight, and never leave unattended.
  • Always ensure that you do not overfill your bowl
  • Wax will remain hot after the tea light has been extinguished or your burner has been switched off.
  • Do not try to move the oil burner or wax melter until it has cooled completely, and the wax has solidified.
  • Do not add water or fragrance oils to the bowl under any circumstances
  • Keep wax clear of debris
  • Only ever use unscented tea lights
  • Only use standard sized tea lights (burn time is approx. 4hrs). And never use more than 1 tealight at a time.
  • Ensure that the surface under the shmelter is heatproof.
  • Not for human consumption. Do not eat!

Shmelting Tips:

Always ensure the tea light has been extinguished or you have turned the shmelter off before leaving unattended
Please dispose of the wax carefully. DO NOT pour down the plughole (the wax will harden and cause a blockage)!!
Please do not place your shmelter in the freezer. This can cause the shmelter or glass top to fracture and could cause it to become unsafe.

For tea light shmelters:

Please ensure that you don’t overfill your shmelter, one cube of a snap bar or around 14g wax is sufficient. Add a tea light underneath and light the wick.

Keep using new tealights until you can no longer smell the scent.

The length of time your wax melts will last are dependent on your burner and other conditions mentioned below, tests in our larger ceramic burners provide at least 8-12 hours burn time.

For electric shmelters:

Please ensure that you don’t overfill your shmelter, one cube of a snap bar or around 14g wax is sufficient. Turn on your shmelter and leave to melt.

Please ensure you following the safety instructions from the manufacturer of your melt warmer, do not leave on longer than the recommended time as they can overheat.

The length of time your shmelts will last is dependent on the strength of the heat and the model of your warmer. Some shmelters are designed for wax with a lower melting point such as paraffin wax, these are not recommended for using with our melts as soya wax has a much higher melting point so you will not achieve the best scent throw.

Intensity of fragrance

This will depend greatly on many different factors such as your room size, temperature of the room and amount of wax used.

For best results, always close your windows in the room you are burning the wax.

Removing your wax

Once the wax is no longer fragrant, wait until the wax cools and then gently place pressure on one end of the wax until it pops out.

Alternatively, you can also use cotton balls/pads to soak up melted wax and then dispose accordingly. Remember melted wax is very hot so be careful not to spill any molten wax on yourself or your home furnishings.

Do not use wipes and/or cleaning chemicals/products to clean the burner. Do not use metal or sharp objects to clean out wax as this may crack or damage the burner or cause injury.

CLP Compliance

All products are fully CLP compliant.

More information for individual products can be sent on request, just email us at [email protected] with any questions.

You are always advised to follow the clear instructions on this page.  Please ensure you read the instructions thoroughly to enhance the safety in using the product.