The past few months has been nothing short of mind-blowing. A real challenge for us all, as we wade through daily doses of uncertainty, anxiety, fear – you name it, we’ve all probably experienced it.

At my lowest point during lockdown, I decided I needed a distraction. I needed to re-focus on something positive to get me through it all.

Being somewhat of a creative spirit, the grey matter sprung into action. Combining my creative side with my love of a fresh clean smelling home, it didn’t take me long to connect the dots. Instead of spending on average €30 per month on various wax melts,  I could make my own melts, and source the aromas I love the most.

I did a lot of research and spent weeks finding suppliers to buy all the core ingredients and packaging etc, on the basis that at the very least I could make my own for around the house. I managed to get everything I needed, and took the plunge.

My friends and family loved my first scents, Alien, La Vie est Belle & Pommegranate Noir and wanted some for themselves. At this point, I felt I could possibly have a nice little hobby here, and who knows it might even make some money for our savings.

I spoke with my Husband, Nick – and we decided to go for it. Let’s get some more scents, more stock and really give it some energy and enthusiasm. After all, I was really enjoying it and I knew I wanted really amazing wax melts, made with the best natural ingredients for maximum effect.

At times it has been really challenging, and I’ve had moments of doubt – especially when we’re spending money on stock, ingredients, marketing, websites etc. It can all be very overwhelming. But I pressed on and got my first range of wax melts made for myself and my nearest and dearest.

Fast forward 4-5 months, and I cannot believe how far I have come, and better yet – how far I want to keep going. We currently stock over 30 fragrances – available year round, with new additions been added all the time.

I am feeling confident, happy and super proud of myself and the little brand I have started – with an amazing following of customers who have all been so supportive and encouraging. Every positive review, every returning customer still fills me with the biggest buzz and a real sense of achievement.

Orders are flooding in everyday and our range is continually growing to keep up with demand. I could not be happier.

We’re still a small business with lots to learn and understand, but we have big ambitions and really believe we can create something really special for us all to feel part of. I feel like I’ve found this amazing tribe of Shmelts followers – all equally enthusiastic as I am.

Like most successes in life, it’s not without the support of good people. I want to thank just a few of them for their continual help and encouragement.

Nick, My Husband – for helping me run the business and doing all the ‘Technical stuff’ that is so important nowadays. I really couldn’t do it without you x

My Friends and Family – for being my Guinea Pigs in the first few weeks and months.

You – We truly thank all our customers their support.